Fidelia's Bio

My parents and sisters...

I grew up with my four sisters and we were probably the loudest in the neighbourhood. I went to SK Batu Lintang primary school and SMK Batu Lintang secondary school.

After I completed my high school, I went to Labuan to continue my studies at Labuan Matriculation College. 

In 2004, I took a degree course in Chemical Engineering. I graduated on 9th October 2010. Click here to find out more.

During the third year of my university in May 2006, I got married to Duncan David Horne. 

Our first daughter, Lauren was born in January 2008. She lightens up our little family. We love her so much. Three years and 5 months later, she has a baby sister named Leah. Leah was born in June 2011. She adds more happiness to our family.