Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lauren's new bedroom

We bought a new bed and bookshelf for Lauren's bedroom. We got rid of the bulky shelf she had before. She loves how her bedroom looks now. 

Lauren sleeping on her new bed. There is also another bed underneath and that will be for Leah in the future.

The new bookshelf...

Sleeping beauty

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Lauren's new bedroom. Have a great day everyone!


Odie Langley said...

I love the new look and she looked so angelic there sleeping. Thanks for sharing.

Joanna Horne said...

What a lovely Princess bedroom. Great bed. How about I make some nice pink curtains for her room?

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

Thanks Odie!

Yes grandma. That is a good idea. We will tell you measurement.

Tony said...

The room looks great. It's so important that kids have a room they enjoy being in. I recently re-did my son's room, put in a log bed, he loves it, pretends he's a knight.