Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Children having a great time!

We bought this ABC mat for Leah to crawl on. Lauren is loving it as well. We took some pictures of them playing on it.

Lauren has taught her how to pull the letters! 

Leah is growing fast and will be 6 months old tomorrow. She has started eating soft food and she loves her brown rice porridge. We enjoy feeding her!


Rachel said...

Love the first pic! Leah looks so happy!

Joanna Horne said...

Sitting up by herself and eating food already? Wow where did those 6 months go? She'll be a proper little grown up girl by the time we visit next year! (Lauren looks like she's in trouble in the second picture.)
Love my grand-girls :)

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

Rachel, thanks for visiting our family blog! Leah is a happy baby!

Mum, yes sitting up by herself and eating food already! 6 months gone by fast! Lauren was so excited when we bought the mat and she kept spinning on it and almost got Leah! So daddy told her off!!!